Every show deserves the right setting

Did you know that unlike many other theater organizations, CCTL starts to build their sets one week before we open?

This means the entire rehearsal process is done without a stage until seven days before opening night. Those seven days are commonly known in the theatrical world as "Hell Week".

It is quite a challenge for the entire crew, designers and cast. Even though we do not choose this insanely short period of time, we have managed it for many decades.

Currently we are also challenged by the restrictions from COVID. It has made our work even harder. The regulations are constantly in flux.....
But as always nothing holds us back.

The Runner Stumbles set
Act II

The Legacy of Baker Street

The Savannah Sipping Society set
Front Porch

This Random World set
"The Not So Great Diner" scene

Becky Shaw set
Hotel room with cafe sign

The Organist's Daughter


Barefoot in the Park

Steel Magnolias

And Then There Were None