How we decide on our seasons... 

CCTL Play Selection Committee,
 The Virtual PSC and the FRPSSC

Our Play Selection Committee reads a minimum of 30 plays a season.  Sounds a bit crazy doesn't it? But that is how seriously we take our group.
We know that our patrons want quality productions.
We strive to bring our audience productions we can be proud of.
Our seasons are chosen by the CCTL PSC.  We narrow down our selections bit by bit until we have 3-6 shows.  We present the finalists to the Board of Directors for approval.  If approved we have a season.  If not, we go back to the drawing board and figure out another set.

The Virtual PSC is a separate play reading committee that re-reads the home grown writings of playwrights from many years of submissions. 
These dedicated people decide which plays get a chance to be produced for
our YouTube channel. Not always an easy task and still needs to be approved by the Board of Directors.

The FRPSSC aka "Front Range Playwright's Showcase Selection Committee"
is our group of extraordinaires that read new home grown writings of Colorado playwrights' for the biannual Front Range Playwright's Showcase. 
Submissions get read in a very small window of time, are narrowed down to 3-4 plays, and presented to the Board of Directors for final approval. 

Directors for productions are chosen by the above committees under the guidance of the Artistic Director.  Persons interested in directing should read the CCTL By-Laws and contact the Artistic Director.

Our Play Selection Extraordinaires:

Kirsten Jorgensen Smith, Chairperson

CCTL Play Selection Committee: David Cervera, OD Duhu, Nita Froelich, Shane Grant, Michael Gurshtein, Kathleen Boyle Rausch,  Dan Schock, Elizabeth Upper, and James Whiteman.

Virtual Play Selection Committee: OD Duhu, Brett Nickerson, Elaine Niesen, Kathleen Boyle Rausch,  and Dan Schock.

Front Range Playwrights' Showcase Selection Committee:  We are currently in the process of setting up this season's extrordinaires. 

Sometimes we have actors reading the roles for the PSC to be able to get a better "feel" for a play.  We have a talented pool of actors, from all over the world, who participate in our readings.

Our talented Zoom Readers are:  Dustin Adam, Dyral Alexander, Mike Atchley, Pam Bennett, Alissa Berdahl, Matt Bianchi, Erik Bryan, Linda Button, Maureen Cassulo, David Cervera, Darr Davis, Jesse Davis, Nathan Dettlebach, Bryan Dowling, OD Duhu, Nathan Ellgren, Lynn Fleming, Jolene Fresquez, Nita Froelich, Zane Garcia, Ian Gerber, Karen Greening, Michael Gurshtein, Sage Hanson, Rachel Herring, Anna Hershey, Jess Houwen, Amber Irish, Krystal Jakosky, Kirsten Jorgensen Smith, Janine Kehlenbach, Jaccie Kitts, Lisa Kraai, Vero Lecocq, Wade Livingston, Erica Logsdon, Charlie Lowrey, Lisa Lowrey, Alesha Machuca, Lara Maerz, Renee Malis, Tanner McGarr, Cal Meakins, Rob Mess,  Susanne Neswadi, Brett Nickerson, Eliza Nickerson, Elaine Niesen, Allan Patterson, Melanie Petry,  Kathleen Rausch, Steve Rausch, Justin Regan, A.Tom Rehn, Laurie Rhoads, Rachel Ricca, Elizabel Riggs, Dan Schock, Mandy Scott, Douglas B Smith, H.L. Smith, Aiden Sockrider, Elle Sockrider, Micah Speirs, Glenn Spitz, Jim Terwilliger, Byron Thompson, Lazarus Tomdio, Jim Valone, Jesse Waddell, Brent Walker, Hope Weiss, and James Whiteman.