An Evening of Colorado Home Grown One Acts 2022...
or the show that is yet to come.

Photos from rehearsals of our 2021 production for you to enjoy. Photos courtesy of Alejandro Caballero.

This production has been rescheduled from August 2020 (COVID-19 shutdown all theaters),
December 2021 (a case of COVID shut us down despite all city and county safety precautions being observed), and January 2022 (cancelled due to the Marshall Fire shutting our city down.).

We are bringing the One Acts back in August 2022. We believe in this production and feel the best way to heal is to go forward with the production in our summer spot.

The Summer spot was for the Playwrights' Showcase of which we are moving to 2023.

We look forward to seeing you at the theater once again soon.

Sarah Hartland as Aine and Elaine Niesen as Eimear in A Keening for Finnegan McPhee 

Mandy Lahey as Dairinn and Dan Schock as Hamish in A Keening for Finnegan McPhee

Aine and Aonghus reminiscing about the past

Aine in mourning for her father

David Cervera as Doran, Head Keener in A Keening for Finnegan McPhee

Eliza Nickerson as Grayse and Kat  Heiden as Bronach, professional weeping Keeners in A Keening for Finnegan McPhee

Eimear, the widow, sitting in the foyer with mourners

Steven Siefers as Jerrick, a Keener in A Keening for Finnegan McPhee

Keeners singing The Parting Glass.

James Whiteman as Bairrfhionn, a Keener in A Keening for Finnegan McPhee

Jerrick, a Keener singing lead 

Keeners smoking to the four winds in the sign of the cross.

Dairinn visits the body

The Curse

Eimear, the widow removing curses

Aonghus, protector of the body "sleeping"

A brother's haunting

Lynn Fleming as Judy and Arnie Falendorf as Carl in "Remembrance in Blue"

Carl listening to Judy's life story.

Judy listening to Carl's life story.

Summer Howard as Kayla in "Remembrance in Blue"

The phone conversation.

Byron Thompson as Art, Mandy Lahey as Edie and Bunk Hess as Jerry in "Devotional Blackmail"

Art checking his heartbeat.

Edie and Jerry talk about what she wants.

Edie trying to convince Jerry

Jerry makes a decision

Sarah Hartland as Carol Ann in "Devotional Blackmail"

 Edie in thought

Carol Ann explains consequences 

Carol Ann offering Edie water.

Art and Edie alone again.