Congratulations and Welcome to the cast of "First Date - The Musical" directed by Heather Frost, running May 1 - May 16th.  

Lauren - Fiona Wohlfarth
Gabe - Jay Moretz
Allison - Leanne Jewell
Rock Star - Ray Sievering

Reggie - Cal Meakins
The Waiter - Rob Janacek
Aaron - Mike Martinkus 
Casey - Emily Gerhard




Congratulations and Welcome to the cast of "The Runner Stumbles," directed by Dan Schock, running February 28-March 14.

Guard (Amos) – Jeremy Denning
Father Rivard (Priest) – Brian Dowling
Lawyer (Toby Felker) – Lou Clark
Prosecutor – Rich Southwick
Secretary (Monsignor Nicholson) – Michael Gurshtein
Erna Prindle – Emily Strand
Nun (Sister Rita) – Elizabel Riggs
Mrs. Shandig – Julie Marino
Louise – Melanie Petry