Coal Creek Theater of Louisville
by Michael Hollinger
directed by Kirsten Jorgensen Smith
February 23-March 10, 2018
Priseaux, France, c. 1250 A.D.: The river flooded. The chandler's shop burned to the ground. And Ste. Foy, the patron of the local monastery, hasn't worked a miracle in thirteen years. In other words, the Dark Ages still look pretty dark. A rival church claims to possess the relics of Ste. Foy—and "their" bones are working miracles. All seems lost until the destitute monks take a lesson from a larcenous one-eyed minstrel, who teaches them an outrageous new way to pay old debts.
May 4-20, 2018
Charles - Dyarl Alexander
Brother Martin - Steve Rausch
Brother Olf - Dan Schock
Brother Felix - Michael Gurshtein
Peasant Woman - Brie Michaels
Jack - Charlie Lowrey
Marie - Jaccie Serbus
Agatha- Elaine Niesen